Aurora Artificial Lawns

Artificial Grass Lawns in Aurora, Colorado

The harmful environmental effects of lawn maintenance are not an issue with our artificial lawns.

We are proud to offer those who choose our Aurora artificial grass lawns products that offer a great many benefits. One of the benefits of artificial turf lawns, golf putting greens, pet turf, sports turf and playground grass from SYNLawn® is that no lawn maintenance is required. There is an added environmental benefit to this in that no mowing and fertilizing means the elimination of harmful carbon emissions from gas lawnmowers, as well as the need for chemical-based lawn maintenance products. We know how important it is to Coloradans to be environmentally responsible, and our synthetic grass, which is also recyclable turf, is a product that fits the bill. In terms of looks and feel no other “fake grass” in our industry is as realistic and durable as ours. No maintenance means saving both money and time while lowering your environmental footprint. Now that is a win/win situation.

SYNLawn® products are showing up more and more in great Colorado cities like Aurora. Artificial grass is an idea whose time has truly come; both for its great look as well as the environmental benefits that have been discussed on this and other pages on this website. Here are a few things you should know about our synthetic turf products.

  • Synthetic grass from SYNLawn® allows you to reclaim the time and money you once spent on maintaining your lawn
  • No mowing required, allowing for the elimination of harmful emissions from gas-powered lawnmowers
  • No fertilizing heeded, allowing for the elimination of chemical-based fertilizers, weed killers, etc.
  • Recyclable turf

SYNLawn® has made it easy to enjoy an outdoor space that maintains its perfection regardless of weather year-round, and without you lifting a finger to make it happen. The fact that you can reclaim the time you once spent maintaining your yard, and do so in an environmentally responsible way, is truly a gift. Our products are affordable and are built for the long hall, offering you years and years of enjoyment. Put that lawnmower away once and for all, and bring the unique beauty of our Colorado artificial grass lawns home with you.

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