Artificial Grass for Architects

Architects in Denver and throughout Colorado find great value in our artificial turf due to its versatility, realistic looks, durability & low maintenance.

SYNLawn® is proud to have established a relationship with local architects who have found real value in our synthetic turf products. What makes our artificial grass landscaping turf the natural choice for residential landscaping and commercial landscaping designs? A number of factors really, ranging from its incredibly realistic look and feel to cost efficiency and a commitment to environmental consciousness. Our synthetic grass installations take the form of artificial turf lawns, putting greens and more. Incorporate our products into your latest architectural endeavor, and discover firsthand the benefits many of your peers are already familiar with.

Those in charge of architectural designs that call for grassy areas as centerpieces need look no further for solutions than SYNLawn® synthetic turf.

  • Our artificial grass is the most realistic and durable in our industry
  • SYNLawn® artificial lawns and putting greens retain their pristine look and feel year-round
  • Perfect for residential landscaping and commercial landscaping applications
  • Our products contribute toward LEED Credits
  • IPEMA Certified for safety
  • Reduce water bills and lawn maintenance costs
  • Class 1 Fire Rating Certification
  • Certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
  • ADA compliant ADA compliant

As an architect, you are always searching for products that bring a beautiful aesthetic to your design while offering the type of affordability that matters to your budget. SYNLawn® synthetic grass installations offer both, which is why they can be found at the center of so many architectural designs.

Choose your materials wisely by learning more about SYNLawn®’s residential and commercial landscaping turf. Our relationship with the local architectural community is one we value, and we look forward to the possibility of providing you with the materials you require.